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Today’s Surgery

Right now, Charlotte is undergoing surgery at Beaumont Children’s Hospital in Royal Oak, MI.  She went into surgery at 11AM and it was expected to last approximately four hours.  Tim & Sharon are eagerly waiting for word from the waiting room, and will update us as soon as she is out.

She was a bit more nervous about this surgery, which she didn’t verbalize but we could sense from her behavior.  The doctor, in preparation for the stages to come, showed her photos of the surgery results on other patients.  Visually and emotionally, this is expected to be the most difficult phase of her reconstructive surgeries.

In preparation, Charlotte has started seeing a therapist and will continue to have counseling during this difficult process.  She started private tutoring last week, which thanks to the generosity of the community, the family can afford.  Her tutor is focusing on sharpening primarily her reading and math skills, which need improvement to bring her up to her fourth grade peers.  Her self-confidence and performance in the one-on-one setting are improving.

Thank you to those who have continue to share words of encouragement and prayers.
  Thank you to those in the press who have updated viewers and readers on her progress.