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Many Thanks!

Charlotte received so many cards upon her return from the hospital that it took her a couple days to get through them! She is very grateful for the kindness and show of support.

In addition to the cards, her doll Carly received some gifts, too, including new clothes and a “get well” kit so that she can have a bandaged arm like Charlotte.

Charlotte has received DOZENS of new earrings! It will take her a couple months to wear each set once her ear is ready for piercing.

As before, we are overwhelmed by the kindness of all of the people who have never met Charlotte but have taken the time to make her feel special. Thank you.





Doing Great

Charlotte is in a new school this year, and she has really enjoyed the transition.  She has chosen to take Dance and Art classes as her elective and is already making new friends.  She is up early every morning and eager to go to school.

Charlotte also has started gymnastics on Thursday nights.  She has so much fun and is picking up pretty quickly.

Charlotte had a surgery this summer that went very well.  Some fat (they had a hard time finding enough because she’s so skinny) was taken from her abdomen and used to build out her right cheek.  Part of her left ear was used to even out the shape of her nose.

My Fox Detroit featured Charlotte earlier this month in a wonderful piece.
Fox 2 News Story on Charlotte Ponce

The photo below was taken prior to her most recent surgery.  Near her birthday, she received a very generous gift of classic books, which she has started reading.  She still gets cards and notes of encouragement each month, and this helps boost her confidence and to remember that she has so many people out there praying and caring for her.


Charlotte enjoys a gift of new reading material.   Included in the classic paperbacks is a copy of  “Charlotte’s Web” – perfect!

Charlotte started seeing a new therapist, and she seems to be benefiting already from the appointments.  Charlotte is undergoing a series of testing and evaluation regarding the effect that her post-traumatic development has had on her.  It will take time and effort, but through hard work, she should start to see improvement in her social behavior and her education.

At the end of the month, Dr. Kongkrit Chaiyasate, chief plastic surgeon on Charlotte’s reconstruction, will be honored at a banquet for his excellent work.  Charlotte and our family have been invited to attend.  An author writing about the outstanding work done at Beaumont will feature Charlotte’s story in her book, and will photograph her at the banquet.

We are so fortunate to have seen Charlotte come so far in the past year.  She has healed very well from her surgeries and is starting the road to emotional and mental recovery.  She will still have a series of surgeries to rebuild her right ear, which is missing entirely.  This will likely begin next summer.

Thank you for your continued well wishes and prayers.

Today’s Surgery

Right now, Charlotte is undergoing surgery at Beaumont Children’s Hospital in Royal Oak, MI.  She went into surgery at 11AM and it was expected to last approximately four hours.  Tim & Sharon are eagerly waiting for word from the waiting room, and will update us as soon as she is out.

She was a bit more nervous about this surgery, which she didn’t verbalize but we could sense from her behavior.  The doctor, in preparation for the stages to come, showed her photos of the surgery results on other patients.  Visually and emotionally, this is expected to be the most difficult phase of her reconstructive surgeries.

In preparation, Charlotte has started seeing a therapist and will continue to have counseling during this difficult process.  She started private tutoring last week, which thanks to the generosity of the community, the family can afford.  Her tutor is focusing on sharpening primarily her reading and math skills, which need improvement to bring her up to her fourth grade peers.  Her self-confidence and performance in the one-on-one setting are improving.

Thank you to those who have continue to share words of encouragement and prayers.
  Thank you to those in the press who have updated viewers and readers on her progress.

Minor Follow Up Surgery Scheduled

Charlotte will head back to Beaumont earlier than expected. Dr C asked Sharon to do some scab removal on Charlotte’s nose near the nostril area (which we’ve left alone before now to ensure we didn’t mess with the healing process). 

We sent new photos after the cleanup, concerned that the flap separating her two nostrils was no longer connected to her face and was hanging quite low, close to her lips.

So, at noon on Tuesday, Charlotte will have a minor unplanned surgery to reconnect this part of her nose to her face.

We probably won’t post new Charlotte photos until this is corrected.