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Minor Follow Up Surgery Scheduled

Charlotte will head back to Beaumont earlier than expected. Dr C asked Sharon to do some scab removal on Charlotte’s nose near the nostril area (which we’ve left alone before now to ensure we didn’t mess with the healing process). 

We sent new photos after the cleanup, concerned that the flap separating her two nostrils was no longer connected to her face and was hanging quite low, close to her lips.

So, at noon on Tuesday, Charlotte will have a minor unplanned surgery to reconnect this part of her nose to her face.

We probably won’t post new Charlotte photos until this is corrected.


So Many Well Wishes

Charlotte received so many cards and letters that we bought a special box just to keep them in.  Charlotte decorated it today with her niece Rory and cousin Jazmin.  She received an adorable set of drawings from a little boy and girl from Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan.



Charlotte received this beautiful handmade card from Carol in Wyoming. It was the first to go in her new card box!