An Ear My Dear

Charlotte now has a right ear! The ear was built using harvested cartilage from her ribs. Dr. Chaiyasate and his surgical team carved the ear structure and implanted it under the skin of her right forearm in April.

On July 10, Dr. C transplanted the ear from her forearm to its new permanent home right where it should be. The surgery appears to have gone very well, and Charlotte is starting to feel herself again after a few rough post -op days.

Charlotte is expected to come home tomorrow. Tune in at 8AM in the Grand Rapids area to NBC to see Charlotte on the Today Show this morning.

Charlotte returns to Beaumont Children’s Hospital in a few weeks for a skin graft to heal the area on her arm where the ear had grown.

Details and photos from the past year can be found on Charlotte’s Facebook page, which is more regularly updated.

We cannot tell you how much your love, prayers and support have done for this spunky little girl and the family which supports her. Charlotte cherishes letters received. You may write her at PO Box 397, Fruitport, MI 49415, and make her day 🙂

Charlotte the day before her ear surgery (7/9).

Charlotte with niece and nephew the day she moved out of ICU to a regular room (7/14).


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