Doing Great

Charlotte is in a new school this year, and she has really enjoyed the transition.  She has chosen to take Dance and Art classes as her elective and is already making new friends.  She is up early every morning and eager to go to school.

Charlotte also has started gymnastics on Thursday nights.  She has so much fun and is picking up pretty quickly.

Charlotte had a surgery this summer that went very well.  Some fat (they had a hard time finding enough because she’s so skinny) was taken from her abdomen and used to build out her right cheek.  Part of her left ear was used to even out the shape of her nose.

My Fox Detroit featured Charlotte earlier this month in a wonderful piece.
Fox 2 News Story on Charlotte Ponce

The photo below was taken prior to her most recent surgery.  Near her birthday, she received a very generous gift of classic books, which she has started reading.  She still gets cards and notes of encouragement each month, and this helps boost her confidence and to remember that she has so many people out there praying and caring for her.


Charlotte enjoys a gift of new reading material.   Included in the classic paperbacks is a copy of  “Charlotte’s Web” – perfect!

Charlotte started seeing a new therapist, and she seems to be benefiting already from the appointments.  Charlotte is undergoing a series of testing and evaluation regarding the effect that her post-traumatic development has had on her.  It will take time and effort, but through hard work, she should start to see improvement in her social behavior and her education.

At the end of the month, Dr. Kongkrit Chaiyasate, chief plastic surgeon on Charlotte’s reconstruction, will be honored at a banquet for his excellent work.  Charlotte and our family have been invited to attend.  An author writing about the outstanding work done at Beaumont will feature Charlotte’s story in her book, and will photograph her at the banquet.

We are so fortunate to have seen Charlotte come so far in the past year.  She has healed very well from her surgeries and is starting the road to emotional and mental recovery.  She will still have a series of surgeries to rebuild her right ear, which is missing entirely.  This will likely begin next summer.

Thank you for your continued well wishes and prayers.


2 thoughts on “Doing Great

  1. Hey Charlotte I have not seen you in a really long time and I think we should talk soon you have my phone number call me any time. Great wish for you. Love Aleanna

  2. Dear Charlotte, I am a 77 yr old divorced male, name’s roger simmons. I live in a retirement home on Lake Michigan N W in Standale, not too far from your home in Spring Lake. I’ve followed some of your progress with interest, and I’ve had some unpleasant experiences with racoons, as I used to live in the woods near Greenville and they’d come onto my back portch to feed off the bird and squirrel feed I’d leave out, often disturbing my two small King Charles Cavalier spaniels. I managed to fight them off with a broom, but I never let my dogs out at night, due to my concern.

    Enough about me, I just want you to know that I admire you very much. I’m glad you’ve had wonderful foster or adpoted parents most of your life, and they have made sure you have every chance in this difficult life to succeed. I also appreciate the brilliant dr. who has worked so hard to restore your beautiful face. I’m so glad to receive positive feedback on your current progress, as well as your future promise.
    I hope you can wear ear rings in the future. I predict wonderful things for you and your family. I have been very fortunate in my long life, but it has been filled with difficulty. My youngest daughter comitted suicide l2 yrs ago at age 27, after 8 tries. My oldest and only other daughter just finished breast cancer surgery (which was successful, I guess) and begins radiation this week. I have one other child, a boy Andy who is doing well in the insurance agency I sold him 5 yrs ago. I am in good health, just a few aches and pains.

    If possible, I’d like to meet you once the surgeries heal, just to buy you an ice cream cone, even a pair of ear rings? I gave my email address to this page, hope to hear more about you and from you and your family in the future.

    Roger Simmons, (ps, I’m on facebook, too)

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