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Wishing You Well On Easter

Thank you to those who continue to write, email and post your well wishes for Charlotte and her family.  Medically, Charlotte is doing very well.  Some of the scars of her surgeries have faded, and it is hard to remember what she looked like before she had her nose.  She has learned to use makeup to help cover her scars for special occasions.  She likely will have surgeries to help smooth out some of the scar tissues on her face before any work begins in reconstructing her ear.

In the last post, we shared that Charlotte was heading to school.  Because she missed so much school while she was undergoing her facial reconstruction, she had a difficult time transitioning into fourth grade and keeping up with her peers.  In February, they suggested that she repeat fourth grade.  Rather than have her continue to struggle the rest of the year, we decided to move her into a third grade class for the remainder of the year.

She is performing better in the third grade class, but continues to struggle in some core areas, reading in particular.  Charlotte has not been evaluated for learning disability since she was in Kindergarten and given her boost of confidence thanks to her new nose and the loving support of many of you, we suspect that she may be struggling due to more than shyness and confidence concerns.

Charlotte has missed too many days this year to be evaluated by the public school district, so she will see a specialist with community mental health this week.  We hope to learn more about ways that we can assist her with her studies and help her to be a proficient reader and successful student.

We had just settled into a period of normalcy when, just a few weeks ago, Charlotte’s uncle Tom was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer that had spread to his liver.  A surgery attempt just days before his 62nd birthday this St. Patrick’s Day proved unsuccessful in removing a tumor in his colon.  This weekend, we learned that the cancer has taken over his liver and without it functioning, he has a matter of weeks to live.  Tim, Charlotte’s adoptive father, is heartbroken at the prospect of losing his twin brother, whom he has worked alongside for nearly 40 years at Sara Lee.

The doctors don’t feel they can do any more for Tom and are sending him home in the care of hospice tomorrow.  As we prepare our Easter Sunday dinner, we will be short at the table as Tim is by his brother’s side at the hospital.   At this point, only a miracle can save Tom, so we ask you to please pray for one.  And, without one, we pray for help through this difficult time for our whole family.

We will have a family get-together on Saturday to celebrate Tom’s wonderful life, in which he made friends with nearly all he met.  Please also help pray that Tom is strong enough enjoy at least one more family gathering.

Thank you , to everyone who continues to care about our little amazing spitfire of a girl, and we wish you a blessed Easter.

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