All Done!

Charlotte’s final major nose surgery was successfully completed today and she is excited to come home tomorrow.  While she may have a few minor surgeries (“revisions” as Dr. Chaiyasate calls them) early next year, we don’t anticipate ear reconstruction until next spring/early summer.

Beaumont tweeted live updates this morning and many Twitter users offered support using the hashtag #healingcharlotte.


5 thoughts on “All Done!

  1. charlotte! another red letter day for you and your team! great to hear that everything went well and that every step takes you closer to being through with this process. i admire your courage and toughness and am glad that your holidays will be surgery-free! looking forward to more updates in my email – your friend in kalamazoo – randi rae arnold

  2. Hello there, I’m a brazilian journalist and am trying to get in touch with Charlotte’s family to see if it would be possible to send her some questions via e-mail, I’m sending e-mails everyday but getting no reply. Could you please let me know if it would be alright for us to tell her story to our readers at



  3. Charlotte,
    You sound like such a brave girl. I am happy to hear that your surgery went well. I, too, had a new nose built for me from my forehead this year! It is a long and painful process but worth it in the end. It sounds like you have a wonderful team of Dr.’s who are taking great care of you. I just had a “tweaking” a couple of weeks ago and it gets better every time.
    I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
    If you or your Mom have any questions that I can help with, feel free to email me. I would love to be able to help in any way that I can.

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