Hoping for Halloween

Charlotte is praying the windy, wet weather subsides today so that she can go trick or treating.  Her next surgery is Friday (Nov 2), so her parents don’t want her outside in bad weather with a chance of catching a cold or flu before her next surgery.

She is planning to be a “batterina” – part bat, part ballerina.  We will be sure to post photos, rain or shine.

In other news, Charlotte is receiving tutoring 4 days per week.  She is working hard with a goal of reading and performing mathematics at a 4th grade level to be prepared for her eventual return to the classroom.

Charlotte’s recent checkups have gone well, infection-free and healing according to plan. The skin from her forehead used to cover her nose structure contains some of the hairline, so we’re curious how much longer her nose will be fuzzy.  It’s kind of cute, but Charlotte would be happy to see the hairs go.  The doctor and Charlotte have also decided to proceed this fall with Charlotte’s lip reversal.  After the surgery, Charlotte will not be able to eat solids and will need to use a straw while her lips heal.

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers.


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