Home and Healing

Charlotte returned home on Monday, and is doing well after her second successful major surgery on her nose (more on this from mLive.com).  She says she is not in much pain, but says her wounds and nose are itchy. A visiting nurse takes care of the wound on her forehead each day, as the doctor’s felt it might be a bit overwhelming for Charlotte’s parents given that her bone is exposed under the bandage.  The incision on her rib cage has been healing quickly and nicely and is not in need of special care.  She goes back to Beaumont on Monday for a check up.  The next surgery is expected to take place in less than four weeks, if this phase of healing goes as planned.


Charlotte enjoys the recreation room at Beaumont Children’s Hospital after her second major surgery.

ImageWhile she was in the hospital, she was given a “Hero of the Month” award from the Kid’s Wish Network!  Charlotte was very pleased to have been chosen for this award, which acknowledges children who have overcome very difficult situations.  The staff at Beaumont Children’s Hospital nominated her for the award.  She received a certificate, medallion, t-shirt and a gift card to pick something special out.  She said she wanted to use the gift card to buy some nice things for people important to her.

Michigan artist Judyth Nelson mailed a beautiful watercolor of a princess in a pink dress especially painted for Charlotte.  She granted permission for her to reproduce it if ever needed to raise money for Charlotte.  We may take the beautiful image to make notecards or postcards that Charlotte can use to write back to her pen pals and well wishers.  Once we have a chance to take a photo or scan that does the image justice, we’ll share it.


Charlotte enjoys some watercolor painting at Beaumont. While she was painting this image, artist Judyth Nelson was mailing Charlotte a painting made especially for Char.


4 thoughts on “Home and Healing

  1. She is well deserving of the award, there are many kids with health issues, it’s nice to see organizations helping. Thank you so much for the update. Keep the pretty smile on your face.

  2. Charlotte, I was very happy to see you paint with your watercolors. It looks like you are an artist in the making. Keep painting and drawing as often as you can and always keep what you do in a box or folder. Put you name and the date on your art, Maybe on the back or in a corner. This way you can see your improvement over time. We are thinking of your often. Judy Nelson

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