Good Progress

Charlotte went to Royal Oak for a check up today, and her nose is progressing nicely.  She won’t have to visit next week, and her next trip will be for the third surgery on her nose.  According to Dr. Chiayasate, this next phase of surgery is the most difficult in terms of her appearance.  In this phase, they will extend a flap of skin from her forehead to cover her nose.  The skin on her nose right now is mostly from her hip, so it doesn’t match the rest of her face.  This upcoming procedure will help her nose to blend in.

He suggested that Charlotte speak to the media prior to surgery if she is willing, but supposed that she probably will not be comfortable after the procedure is completed as her appearance may take some getting used to.

This week, Charlotte watched her niece during soccer practice and spent more time outdoors, particularly in the evening when the sun is not very intense.  Her best friend and next door neighbor, Aleanna, is moving to a new home, which has her feeling a bit blue.  She still plans to have sleepovers regularly, but will miss seeing her each day.

Tim, Charlotte’s adoptive father, returned to work this week after about six months off on short term disability after surgical correction of torn shoulder ligaments.  He was unable to return to first shift due to availability, so is now working second shift.  After 40 years of first shift, this is quite an adjustment, but Tim is hopeful that an opening on first shift will be available soon.  He does not know yet whether he will get approved time off for Charlotte’s surgery on October 4, as he exhausted his FMLA leave while recovering from his shoulder injury.  We are hopeful he will be able to work out an arrangement to be with Charlotte at her surgery, as he has never missed one.

Thank you for your continued support.  Charlotte enjoys reading comments from you and receiving letters, too.


6 thoughts on “Good Progress

  1. I lived in Ravenna when Charlotte was attacked. I have wondered what happened to her and prayed for her often. I am glad to see that she is turning into beautiful young lady with a bright future ahead of her. I continue to pray for her as she faces more surgeries. Charlotte, your strength and courage inspires me. Keep smiling and stay positive. Prayers and good thoughts from Rochester, MN.

  2. I heard Charlotte make a song request on the radio during the ride home for her appointment yesterday. So glad things are going well.

  3. I hope I get the opportunity to meet you soon Charlotte. I hope you have some popsicles left for your upcoming surgeries :0) LOL I am sure you didn’t eat all 744 of them! You and Alainna will be able to have many sleepovers so don’t worry…..
    Were all rooting for you and pray you have a speedy recovery after surgery! You are such an amazing young lady! Hope to see you sometime soon!

  4. Hi charlotte I miss you very much I love you you should come over soon call me I love you I hope you feel beter soon I will miss you I can’t wait to see you see you soon tell your family I said hi and auroa ioi said hi

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