Rosy Outlook


Charlotte plucked a gorgeous red rose from her garden, and it brought a smile to her face.

Thanks for words of encouragement!  We are moving forward, surrounded by love and kindness.

Charlotte’s left forearm is healing nicely, and within a couple of weeks she may be able to start guitar lessons.  While Charlotte was out last month for her first surgery, we surprised her with a used guitar, pink case, practice amp and a month of lessons.  The guys at Firehouse in Muskegon were very helpful with guitar selection and pricing, and are looking forward to helping Charlotte learn the new instrument.

The surgeons borrowed tissue and a vein from her forearm to construct her nose and establish blood flow to the area.


8 thoughts on “Rosy Outlook

  1. Beautiful picture! The swelling has really gone down on your face, love! I can see it in the outline of your cheeks and eyes. It looks really good! Keep smiling, Charlotte! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful picture, keep smiling. The tree in the background is really neat place to take a picture. Thank you so much for the update, I think and pray for you and your family alot.

  3. Charlotte,
    You are as beautiful as that Rose you are holding, and you keep smiling little one. It only gets better from here on out my dear little girl. Many people care and just love that smile.
    God Bless all the little children.


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