Inside Edition?

When Charlotte was in the hospital, we were contacted by Inside Edition, who stated that they were really touched by Charlotte’s story and wanted to be the first to share it nationally.  After some deliberation, we decided to allow them to come to us and interview Charlotte and the family.  Multiple times, we specifically asked them not to bring up the past, the attack, and to focus on her healing and the way the community has been so awesome about coming together and the amazing work that the surgical team has done.

I’m sure you can imagine our family’s shock, disgust and embarrassment when we watched “When Racoon’s Attack.”

Fortunately, Charlotte did not see the segment with snarling, biting raccoons and she won’t.  EVER.


5 thoughts on “Inside Edition?

  1. I watched the show tonight and I agree it was not at all what I expected either…. But Charlotte and you all know, what happened to her and all she has gone through so that’s all that’s important.. She is one impressive young person… She is so strong for her age … God Bless her and one day all she has gone through will be just sad memories…. You both have been wonderful parents to her and her brother…..
    May God Bless you all and heal Charlotte

  2. That is just awful. Charlotte, you are a beautiful child, one that has touched the hearts of many. People like those one Inside Edition only see dollar signs in your story. The rest of us see past that, and we see a wonderful girl with a ton of people praying for her. ❤

  3. Don’t dwell on the story guys….they clearly missed the big picture and we all just need to focus on Charlotte’s healing and let people that don’t matter go…….you did the right thing….you did what you thought was best for your family….just because they presented the story the way they wanted is not a reflection on you and Charlotte’s family….the people who matter know the truth! Shame on you IE
    I didn’t see the show and am glad for that now……Hang in there girl….hope to see you soon…I have been watching the blog to follow her progress! Give her a big hug from the “Macomb St. Gang!”

  4. I did see that show and was quite taken aback. Why do they have to focus on the past and not how that lovely little girl is doing now? I too, will not watch that show again. I am sorry your family had to go through that.

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