Fall Planning

Since school has begun and Charlotte may not be ready to return until January, we have some important planning to do:

  1. Secure a tutor from homebound services and/or hire a private tutor.
  2. Develop a lesson plan and aggressive reading program to ensure that Charlotte does not fall behind her classmates.
  3. Find a local counselor to work with Charlotte as she adjusts to her new face and start regular appointments.

Charlotte would love to receive letters from you or your children.  She may become a bit isolated while she is home schooled, and letters give her an opportunity to practice reading and writing and keep her spirits high.  She had a pretty down period before her surgery last week as she worried about the appearance of her nose, which at the time needed repair.

She had a nice surprise as she was recognized by a police officer in Howell, MI on the family’s trip back home after her surgery last Wednesday.  The family made an unscheduled stop as the rental car was smoking.  The previous users had apparently checked the oil and left the cap off.  The oil was sputtering and smoking onto the engine.  Officer Gary Mitts recognized the family and let Charlotte check out his police vehicle.

Sharon, Tim & Charlotte Ponce enjoyed their brief visit with Howell Police Officer Gary Mitts on their way home from her surgery last week.

Charlotte enjoys a tour of a real police car.

Charlotte went for a check up yesterday and her nose is recovering well from last week’s surgery.  She’s going back again next week and has her next surgery scheduled on October 4.  It will take about six hours and require a 3-5 day hospital stay.


2 thoughts on “Fall Planning

  1. Thank you for keeping us posted on Charlotte’s progress. I know in our household we speak of Charlotte often and pray for her great recovery. She is not alone, she has many that love her even if they have never met her. From your artist Charlotte, I am getting your picture painted, it is almost done and I will be able to frame it and get it to you, Judy Nelson.

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