Off to Beaumont

Charlotte is about to leave for the trip back to Beaumont. Both family vehicles need service before they can make the trip, and, thanks in part to Charlotte’s benefit, we were able to rent a car on the holiday and have the money for hotels, if this turns into an extended trip. We are so grateful.

We won’t know until Charlotte gets there if she will need to stay in the hospital. She has been complaining of pain and discomfort with her nose, which previously didn’t seem to bother her. If she has developed an infection, it will need to be treated before she can head home.

Sharon and Tim are disappointed that they will miss Marshall’s first day of school, but his big brother Aaron will have the day off and will get Marshall off to school. Marshall (11 years old) has been a pretty awesome big brother through all of this. He showed up at the Pizza Ranch last night and helped to bus tables while his parents answered questions that guests had about Charlotte.


3 thoughts on “Off to Beaumont

  1. Wow….I hope she does not have an infection! I will say some prayers for her tonight! That poor girl….and she still managed to send us a thank you postcard :0) You are a great young lady Charlotte Ponce! I will be thinking of you honey!

  2. Best of luck to you Charlotte! You are in our thoughts and prayers. Also, a great big shout out to Amber for the updates to this website and to the rest of Charlotte’s family for their love and support. When I read on the website about some of the obstacles you all overcome with such courage and grace, it brings me to tears! Please know that there are a lot of people who care. Susan

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