Overdue Update

Thank you to everyone for checking in for postings.  Charlotte seems to be doing well.  Her arm is healing nicely, and we think her nose is doing well but really didn’t know what to expect.  There is quite a bit of scabbing, particularly near the nostrils.  Today, I took photos of her nose close up to send to the doctor to check on her progress.


Charlotte enjoys watching Veggie Tales on her new Kindle Fire in her new bedroom.

Her first appointment is September 10 to check on how her nose is healing and possibly schedule the next round of surgeries.


Week Re-cap:

* Charlotte arrived home on Friday to some family, neighbors, and friends from the media (Mlive.com, Wood TV8, and Fox 17).  Her brother played her personal song, Charlotte Rose, for her for the first time.  Her niece Rory and friend Aleanna spent the night.

Photos by Chris Clark at Mlive.com:  http://photos.mlive.com/4469/gallery/charlotte_ponce_comes_home_after_surgery/index.html

* By Saturday morning, a worn out Charlotte needed a break, so spent the weekend resting and spending time with her immediate family, while Luke and I (Charlotte’s brother and sister-in-law who maintain this blog) caught up on some much needed quality time with our two children.

* On Monday, the family was visited by Inside Edition, who will air Charlotte’s story nationally in September.  The family opened a PO Box filled with cards and well wishes on Monday, and Charlotte received some special gifts, including a huge stuffed tiger from a couple in New Jersey.


Just some of Charlotte’s many new stuffed friends that she’s received from real friends around the country 🙂

* On Tuesday, Charlotte slept in very late as she was tired from excitement on Monday.  She wanted Rory to spend the night again, but we decided that Rory needs to start sleeping on a normal schedule to prepare for school.    Charlotte was also starting to get a bit bored with being indoors.  We picked up some puzzles and card games like Crazy 8’s and Go Fish to help entertain her.  She cannot really use her left arm too much, so that limits the arts and crafts opportunities.

* On Wednesday, Charlotte’s dad, Tim, learned that he can return to work on September 11, provided his employer’s doctor signs off on the return.  It is bittersweet for the family, as he is looking forward to bringing home income again but is going to miss the extra time he had to spend with Charlotte, Marshall and his grandchildren.  We are praying that he finds an alternate position at the company which will help him to keep his healing shoulder healthy and that he does not re-injure it.

* On Thursday, Charlotte was pretty upset about not being able to ride her bike.  A fall on her face could do some major harm to her nose, so we’re being cautious.  She took her first trip since the surgery to the store with her parents but changed her mind when they arrived and waited in the car with her dad.

After several non-stop, high excitement and high stress weeks, we came down with a summer sore throat and flu (Luke & Amber, Charlotte’s brother & sister-in-law who maintain this site) while we had to catch up at our respective jobs and prepare our daughter for first grade.  We appreciate everyone’s concern for Charlotte and apologize if the timing between postings caused anyone to be concerned for Charlotte’s well-being.

This week, I’ll post some details from the doctor to explain the procedures ahead to finish her nose and to restore her lip and construct her ear.  We will also send more details on the contents of Charlotte’s room and the people who helped make it possible.


2 thoughts on “Overdue Update

  1. Amber and Luke, you shouldn’t apologize on not posting news on this site…I sure hope people understand how busy you both are with your own family, jobs etc…you are doing an amazing job keeping up. Please give Charlotte and Marshall, Rory and Lyric all a hug for me! I am hoping to see all of you guys again soon! Great picture of her in her room!!!!!

    • Thanks Kim! Luke is playing again tonight at the B.O.B. and I’m taking the night off with our kids. I’m looking forward to Charlotte and the family being up for visitors so she can finally thank you in person for all your help and kindness.

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