Resting Up

Charlotte is resting in a rented apartment near Beaumont Children’s Hospital and is excited to make the trip home by private plane tomorrow.  A gracious donor has offered his personal plane to take her from Detroit to Muskegon.

On the phone today, Charlotte chatted away excitedly, with me catching about every fourth word.  She explained that she actually slept with her arm above her head, which is a big deal because it meant it wasn’t hurting her anymore.  “I have NO PAIN!” she shouted into the phone.  Wednesday morning, she had been off the pain medication for the first time since the surgery and woke up really feeling it for the first time.  She said that her nose didn’t hurt but that her arm did.  Those who know Charlotte well understand that it takes A LOT to make her cry, so this broke my heart to hear.

She told me that she’s excited to come home and see us (the rest of her family) — and to take a plane ride again, of course.  We’re so proud of her amazing progress.


Charlotte sleeps with her arm raised above her head for the first time since her surgery. Before, she was clutching it to her chest as she slept, babying it due to the pain. She explained that she was excited because it meant her arm doesn’t hurt anymore!



4 thoughts on “Resting Up

  1. hey monkey, glad to hear that you are feeling better. and i would be excited to ride in a private plane tomorrow. and with the pictures i saw you still look beautiful.

  2. Amber – I am very concerned as you haven’t updated the website recently. Is there a problem with Charlotte? Please let us know how everything is progressing for her and your family. Thanks!

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