Lots of Media Attention

Today, the hospital PR staff and Charlotte’s adoptive parents made a decision to do a press release to give the local media a chance to talk to Charlotte, since there were so many interested stations and papers. It seemed like a good idea, as it would be an efficient way to give the press an opportunity to interview Dr. Chaiyasate, Tim & Sharon, and Charlotte and then get them on their way to the nearby apartment they’re staying in until Friday.

After watching the clip on the WZZM 6PM news today, we (Charlotte’s brothers Luke & Aaron, and sister-in-law Amber) were quite concerned that Charlotte looked uncomfortable. We called her mother right away, and she said that Charlotte has really enjoyed the attention when it is one-on-one, but was overwhelmed by the “press conference” held where there were many press members (as most would in that situation). Once the actual press conference was over and she sat down with some press one-on-one, she was excited and being silly once again.

Some news channels have called to see her off the plane and to unveil her reaction to her surprise bedroom. We suggested that this be an intimate return and that we cancel any scheduled press, but Charlotte spoke up and said that she likes the attention and doesn’t mind them being there. She doesn’t know about the surprise bedroom, but welcomed the press to come and greet her when she gets off the plane. Charlotte is excited and proud to show off her new nose, and really wants the chance.

By the way, she also loves all of the cards she has been receiving!  We have a pile for her to go through when she comes home.

After future hospital visits, I cannot see Charlotte agreeing to press conferences, but likely will continue to welcome smaller, more intimate visits from the press.  BTW, check out the WOOD TV8 clip, Charlotte looks like she’s having a great time in it!


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