Room Makeover Coverage

Check out Charlotte’s Room Makeover on FOX 17 News tonight at 10PM.,0,5988747.story

Charlotte’s brothers, cousins, friends and nephew pose after a long day of work putting her room together. Some finishing touches remain, including her “Wall of Love”

In addition to the volunteers we named yesterday, we’d like to thank:

This beautiful desk was given to Charlotte by Linda from Grand Haven. Cheri repainted the hardware silver to match the room.

Jim and Mary Cullinane
Elders Appliance in Grandville
Dave Borst (President) approved it the donation of a special freezer  and Julie helped us on the floor :0)

Gerrit’s Appliance in Wyoming
(Spoke to Brian) He was willing to special order a freezer for us but we had just gotten the one from Elders the night before!

Family Fare in Grand Rapids
(Don and Andy) made it happen with donating 12 boxes of popsicles and we they gave us a discount on 19 more boxes :0)

The Home Depot donated a smoke detector, and the staff helped us to gather some last minute necessities very quickly.

Angie and Tom Dykstra for the original wall art for Charlotte’s Room, and for the twin bed frame.

Heather Karis, Nate Johnson, who helped today with the trim, flooring and odd jobs.

Kim and Brian Gibson, and Cheri for coming back today and really keeping the project moving forward.  Charlotte’s drawers now actually slide smoothly, her desk is well-stocked, and there even are a few surprises outside of Charlotte’s room for the rest of the family.

And to kids Madyson, Alekza, and Lyric for decorating some photo frames for Charlotte’s wall.


With the help of her neighborhood friends, Elders Appliance and Family Fare, Kim Gibson filled an entire new freezer full of popsicles, most red, white & blue — Charlotte’s favorite color.

Charlotte’s princess bed.

Dresser, refinished and the wooden drawers bottoms sprayed with silicone so they glide much better. The closet door now has a chalkboard painted on.


4 thoughts on “Room Makeover Coverage

  1. Stories like this make me proud of our community! Looks as if Charlotte will be up to her ears in red white & blue popsicles!! Hope she doesn’t get tired of them 🙂 I’ll be sure to watch Channel 17 at 10:00!

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