Charlotte is Recovering Faster Than Expected

Charlotte had bacon for breakfast this morning, and enjoyed it so much that she asked for it again for lunch.  Her appetite has returned, and she’s feeling pretty good.

One of the local reporters who saw her off into surgery came back on a personal visit to bring her some crayons and a coloring book.  Charlotte tried to color for a little while but the IV in her hand made it difficult.

She called today and she wanted me to share a photo of her new nose which her dad sent me.  I am waiting to post it until I talk to her again tomorrow to ensure that she is absolutely sure she wants to share it.  She was feeling pretty good today, and wanted to share her new nose with the world.  If she still feels that way tomorrow, I’ll follow up with a posting.

She moves out of the intensive care unit tomorrow.  After the surgery, she was expected to need 10 days of recovery, but she may be able to come home on Wednesday (after 7 days) as initially planned.

On the home front, we made a lot of progress on Charlotte’s Room.  A wonderful volunteer team made it possible.  Thanks to Megan, Aaron, Luke, Ian, Nate, Travis, Marshall, Kim, Brian, Eric, Cheri, Dee and Steve for showing up and putting forth a lot of work.  Most of the team is returning tomorrow to wrap up most of the finishing touches.

The wallpaper is up, floor is down in the room, but not the closet, dresser is refinished, chandelier is up, and more.  Tomorrow, we finish the floor, put up the trim and start moving in the furniture and hanging accents on walls.

Midnightish on Friday, this is the extent of wallpapering we had finished. Completely new venture for us, but very exciting to see the drab paneling totally transformed. Fortunately, and experienced wallpaper applicator showed up today and helped us to finish the walls.

5PM today, the wallpaper was up, flooring down, and chandelier installed. Wouldn’t have happened without the help of the life-saving Macomb street gang.

Refinished dresser with some dressed up butterfly knobs on top.

This mirror, hand painted by Angie and Tom, is just beautiful.

More photos posted on Friends of Charlotte Rose Facebook page.


2 thoughts on “Charlotte is Recovering Faster Than Expected

  1. Wow…..way to make me cry early in the morning! LOL Just note: This work was only made possible because of special people like all of you! Like I said yesterday, this is nothing more than “good people, helping good people!” Can’t wait to finish it up today! See you in a few hours! Ready or Not….here come the Macomb St. Gang! LOL

    • Sorry for the double dose of tears yesterday! Good ones, though! Thanks again so much for your help and awesome kindness and generosity! We are so happy to have met you through this, and look forward to having Charlotte meet you and your friends.

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