Update on Charlotte

Sweet Charlotte is still a bit out of it but seems to be recovering well, according to her mom, Sharon.  She is being treated with pain medication, but her goofy self still is shining through.  She brought monkey jammies and slippers to the hospital and someone at the hospital gave her a monkey blanket to take home with her.

She was quietly making “oo oo oo oo” sounds, and her mother, Sharon, asked, “are you okay, are you hurting?” and Char said, “no, I’m being a monkey.”

Her face has swelled more today since yesterday, but she is feeling pretty good.  She just called and talked to her niece Rory and nephew Lyric.  Lyric wouldn’t give the phone up once he got her on the line, too cute. She just hung up because she was tired and wanted to take a nap.

She has apparently downed 7 popsicles since her surgery.  🙂

Photos on Mlive:  What a week


10 thoughts on “Update on Charlotte

  1. So happy to hear that she’s feeling well enough to be a monkey and eat popsicles! I hope the trend continues! She’s an amazing little girl and an example for all of us!

  2. You are such an inspiration to all of us out here little lady. Thank You for allowing us to follow in your journey and to see the courage & strength you have as a child. You are amazing! You are proof of what our God can do and the storms he can bring us through in life. You brighten my day when I see your face. Because within you I can see Gods grace.

  3. Wow….I’m not surprised about the sense of humor she continues to portray :0) she is amazing! I cannot wait to meet her in person! I hope I get the privilage of doing so…..Charlotte, don’t eat so many popsicles in the hospital that you get sick of eating them…..LOL
    Our prayers will continue for you to be up and about very soon!
    You have an amazing family and support group within the community! See you soon!!!
    Kim Gibson

  4. I am thinking of you everyday, Charlotte. I have loved getting to know you in the classroom. I was so excited when I saw you at Edgewood after your move from Oakridge. It meant so much to me that you came and gave me a hug that day. I am watching your progress and have all of my family praying for you. I would love to come see you soon. Lots of love, Mrs. Rymal

  5. Sending my love and prayers to you from New Jersey, Charlotte. You are the PERFECT combination of beautiful, strong and sweet! I’ve always loved red/white/blue popsicles and monkeys too!!

  6. sending out love to a brave little girl. i am so glad that you can still smile and laugh. positive attitude and being silly means you are on the road to recovery. get better soon monkey.

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