Surgery Story on Local 4

The news team at Local 4 did a nice job covering Charlotte’s surgery today, and was able to get an update as she came out of surgery before the story aired.

There is also a photo gallery by Chris Clark on,

We are so thankful that Charlotte has pulled through as well as she has.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

I meant to post this earlier, but since I am lacking photos from today, I wanted to share with you how awesome Charlotte and Marshall are.  The kids chose to weed the back lot at Love, Inc. in Grand Haven, MI on Sunday instead of going to a “water park fun day” at their church.  Seriously.  (I know, I was there and I still cannot believe it)

I think the kids were a bit disappointed there weren’t more “flowers,” though, but they didn’t complain and worked hard pulling up weeds.  The project was too big for one afternoon and needed some more serious tools than the hand rakes we brought, but it felt good to do something for someone else.  We made a nice sized dent and two large weed piles before we left.

Charlotte, brother Marshall and niece Rory spent some time on Sunday afternoon weeding at the Love, Inc. in Grand Haven.


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