What a Day!

Please keep Charlotte in your prayers, especially over the next 24 hours.

Despite fog delays, the Ponces made it to Detroit in time for a fun day at the zoo and the children’s first plane ride.  The family was treated to a flight from Muskegon to Detroit on a charter plane from a very kind donor.  The donor wanted to ensure that Charlotte could leave the hospital and spend as little time in transit on the way home as possible before she would be in the comfort of her own home.

The Ponce family readies to board the charter plane to Detroit, arranged for by a concerned donor who wanted to get Charlotte from the hospital to her home as quickly as possible.

Charlotte and Marshall had a great afternoon together at the zoo with their parents.  Charlotte was able to feed a giraffe and see a polar bear for the first time.  (At the time of this posting, we don’t have photos from the zoo available, but local news outlets covered the visit.  The Royal Oak Patch and WXYZ 7 (ABC) posted videos and the Associated Press posted some photos.)

After a busy day, the family decided to order in pizza instead of eating out.  They wanted to spend some quiet time together this evening, as Charlotte needs to report to Beaumont Children’s Hospital bright and early at 6AM.  Her mother, Sharon, will once again accompany Charlotte into the operating room as she undergoes anesthesia.

Charlotte’s procedure tomorrow may last 6-10 hours.  We will do our best to update the site right after we receive the word that she is out of the operating room and has awakened from anesthesia.  In the past, she has been slow to wake to anesthesia, and this is the longest she will have been put under.

If all goes as planned, we will welcome Charlotte back home a week from tomorrow.

If you’re visiting this site for the first time, an article by Marie Havenga featured today in the Grand Haven Tribune tells Charlotte’s story, see grandhaventribune.com/content/facing-future.

* * *

While Charlotte was away, we made some dramatic progress on her room (see article by Sue Thoms of Mlive.com for the full story).  This afternoon, her cousins Keith, Jordan and Hunter helped her brother Aaron to empty the room and rip up the carpet.  In the evening, Aaron worked hard to pull up the tack strips and to patch a hole in the wall and spackle cracks in the paneling, which will be covered in wallpaper.  The beautiful wallpaper from Graham & Brown was purchased by a generous individual and arrived in a timely manner today.

Job site foreman Lyric (Charlotte’s nephew), found a few loose nail heads to pound in.

Charlotte’s other brother, Luke, and his wife, Amber, picked up some additional last minute things and started work cleaning, sanding and repainting Charlotte’s dresser.  It’s very well-built, but belonged previously to boys, so needs some “girlying.”  Later this week, the surface will be stenciled with pink, blue, and purple fairies, butterflies, and flowers.

Charlotte’s room at 12:30PM, just prior to having the carpet removed.

At 11:30PM, we finally called it a night. Carpet up, walls spackled, and first coat of paint on the dresser.


One thought on “What a Day!

  1. My prayers and best wishes goes out to you and your family. I hope that everything goes well. You are such a strong little girl. I am glad that you got to have fun the day before surgery. You and your family needed to spend time with one another. I hope that things gets better for you. You are such a precious young child that is going through things that no child should have to encounter. Keep that chin up. You are a very brave young girl.

    Your supporter,
    Katie Rucinski

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