Charlotte’s new Beary Best Friend

Charlotte welcomed a new best friend into the world over the weekend.  Jonessa, Charlotte’s bear that she made at the Build-A-Bear workshop prior to one of her last major surgeries four years ago, finally got a new companion.   This was a gift from a gentleman who has never met Charlotte but wanted her to have a new teddy bear.

She named her new best friend, Fluffy.  We suggested Polly Popsicles but Charlotte insisted that this bear was too soft and fluffy to be called anything else.  She picked out a Hello Kitty dress and handbag for her bear, to match the Hello Kitty backpack that Charlotte loves to wear.  The bear’s paw says, “I love you,” when squeezed and her ears twinkle when you press her other paw.

Charlotte’s name is written down and placed in her bear, just before stuffing.

Charlotte gives her freshly stuffed bear a gentle squeeze before taking her to the dressing table.

Fluffy is outfitted with a very stylish Hello Kitty dress and matching shoes.

Charlotte fills out the information for Fluffy’s birth certificate.

Who says 3 is a crowd? Charlotte proudly embraces Fluffy and Jonessa.




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