Wall of Love

Several people have asked how they can help out with Charlotte’s room.  Over the weekend, Luke and Amber (Charlotte’s brother and sister-in-law) picked up most of the big items for her room except the bed and desk (coming soon).  We want to put a wall of photos together, that show Charlotte throughout the years as well as her loved ones.  So, we’re asking for contributions of photo frames.  If you’d like to send a cute frame to add to her “Wall of Love”, please send to Luke Ponce c/o Dynamic Conveyor, 5980 Grand Haven Road, Muskegon, MI 49441.

Charlotte's bedspread

Charlotte’s room will have a fun, floral theme with a majority of bright pink accents. Photo frames to dress up her walls with photos of herself and loved ones are much appreciated!

Most of the items in her room will be bright pink, with accents of teal blue, medium purple, orange, and lime green (her bedspread ties them all together).   Please write your name on the back of the frame, so Charlotte will remember the names of just some of the many people who care and pray for her.



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