A Day at the Circus

Charlotte’s surgery will prevent her from spending much time in the sun, as she’ll need to be very protective of the skin on her face while it heals.  So, we’re squeezing in a lot of outdoor activities, starting with a trip to the Circus!

Today, Charlotte enjoyed performances by Circus Pages with her brother Marshall, niece Rory and nephew Lyric.  A fun show, despite the heat.  The girls had the choice of riding the elephant or getting faces painted, and they chose to be painted up like two tigresses.  Charlotte a beautiful golden tiger and Rory the rare white tiger.

Two pretty tigers

Two pretty tigers… doesn’t Charlotte make a beautiful tigress? Here, she poses with her niece Rory.


A fun Sunday at the Circus… despite the heat! Rory, Charlotte, Marshall and Lyric enjoyed the show.

Lyric with blue cotton candy.

Lyric painted his face too… blue 🙂


What a tame little kitty!


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