So Many Well Wishes

Charlotte received so many cards and letters that we bought a special box just to keep them in.  Charlotte decorated it today with her niece Rory and cousin Jazmin.  She received an adorable set of drawings from a little boy and girl from Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan.



Charlotte received this beautiful handmade card from Carol in Wyoming. It was the first to go in her new card box!


One thought on “So Many Well Wishes

  1. Amber – You have done a wonderful job revamping this website. It’s much easier to search for information about Charlotte. I did send an email to the editor of alerting them to Charlotte’s story. I used the email address that is on the “Contact Us” section of their website, but I don’t know if they will reach out to you or not. Also, in the Keyword Area of this website, you might want to add the following search words: girl face raccoon. I used those works in the Search Area on Google and news items about Charlotte came up, but not Best of luck, Susan Lightner

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