Spaghetti Success

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The spaghetti dinner fundraiser last night was HUGELY successful, and we have been blessed to receive a sum in excess of $8000 from the fundraiser and through contributions received online and in the mail.    We also received a number of cards and letters of encouragement!

There are very many people and local businesses to thank specifically — and we plan to thank them individually through the local paper next week and on this blog within a day or two.

In the midst of all of the excitement, no one in the Ponce family had a chance to take photos at the event!  If we can track some down, we’ll be sure to add them here.

Thank you to WOOD-TV8, for sending cameraman Pete to cover the event, and for sharing the success of the night’s fundraiser on the news last night.

And, to the following news outlets for featuring Charlotte’s story:

We are going to keep the fundraising open for those who would like to give.  In addition to travel expenses for Charlotte’s upcoming procedures, we will find a child psychologist to provide Charlotte with counseling during the restoration process and beyond, if needed.  If you have any suggestions in the Muskegon/ Grand Haven area, please email

Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness, support and generosity.


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