Get To Know Charlotte

We hope you’ll enjoy this short video interview with Charlotte, filmed last week in her back yard.  She talks about her interests, pets, and excitement over her upcoming surgery.


2 thoughts on “Get To Know Charlotte

  1. Hi:

    My name is Marney Keenan and I am a columnist with the Detroit News. I would like to write about Charlotte’s story, interview her aunt and uncle as well as the physician in Detroit that plans to do her surgery.

    My hope was to do these interviews after your fundraiser, over the phone. Would anyone have any time – 15 or 20 minutes on Saturday or Sunday?

    I would greatly appreciate it and maybe we could drum up some more support for her.

    I’d appreciate hearing back from you at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you,

    Marney Keenan
    The Detroit News

    cell (248) 882-0119.

    • Hi Marney, I have just emailed you contact information for Charlotte’s parents and a detailed press release and some high resolution photos. Thank you so much for expressing interest in Charlotte and for offering to help share her story. ///Amber Ponce

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