Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

We are putting on a spaghetti dinner fundraiser for Charlotte’s upcoming surgery.


Details on the event are published on Facebook.

If you know for sure that you’re coming, please give us a heads up by Facebook or email  We want to ensure we plan for enough food.

If you would like to help by volunteering, please comment or email.  We also are planning to hold a silent auction and could use donations of new, mildly used items or gift certificates to local merchants.


11 thoughts on “Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

  1. I can’t make it to the dinner but would like to donate. To whom shall I make check/send donation? Thanks, Kerri Jacobs

  2. I plan on coming and, once talking to my friends, think I can gather up 3 more. So please add 4 to your count! Also, I’d like to donate some wall art. Brand new , never hung. Do you need it in advance or can I just bring it with me on Friday? I could be there by 5:00 or a little after.

    • Shelly, thank you so much! If you could bring your donation to the silent auction a little early, that would work perfectly. Please ask for Kendal or Sharon when you arrive. We’re looking forward to meeting you. ///the Ponce Family

  3. I wish i had know about the dinner. I live 20 miles south of Cadillac Mi. and we did not here hear about the dinner on our local news. (9&10 news). The news people there are really good and kind about the way they tell stories. I think you should contact them the next time you have a dinner. They could be very helpful in getting your story out to more people in northern Michigan. They have helped my family in the past. We hope everything goes wellfor you and yours.

    • Hi Jeanne, thank you for the suggestion. We may not need to run any future fundraisers, but certainly will keep other news outlets in mind if we do again in the future. It’s amazing how far Charlotte’s story has travelled, and we appreciate hearing from caring people like you.

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