Her Own PO Box

We rented a new PO Box for Charlotte today!  She could use lots of words of encouragement.  Letters and postcards will mean so much!  If you would like to write, please send to Charlotte Rose Ponce – PO Box 397 – Fruitport, MI 49415.  Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Her Own PO Box

  1. Is that P O Box number 3971 or l or is that just a line at the end? I would love to send Charlotte cards and encouragement along the way.

    • Hello Jacqueline – thank you for pointing this out, I can see how it might be confusing. The PO Box is 397. Thank you so very much, Charlotte will look out for your letter/card.

    • Hi Barbara, sorry for missing your post and not responding sooner. Charlotte enjoys horses and cats, anything related to either are sure winners! She also likes to play dressup and with dolls. Thank you so much for asking after her. You can send anything by US Mail to PO Box 397, Fruitport, MI 49415.

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