Excitement is in the Air

Excitement is in the air at the Ponce household!  Charlotte is going to begin the first phase of her reconstructive surgery next month!  It has been years since Charlotte’s last major surgery.  After the last unsuccessful attempt to install posts into her skulls to mount prosthetic nose and ear pieces, Charlotte was understandably fearful of the operating room.  The surgery was very painful (essentially, the surgeons drilled screws into her bones), and her body rejected the posts, leading to chronic infections.  Her nose posts have been removed, but the ear posts are still in place but need to go.  Her hair tangles around them and they can bleed with the slightest tug of her hair.

Despite the pain, both physical and mental, Charlotte is finally ready for another go at reconstructive surgery.  Her new doctor in Southeast Michigan is very friendly and experienced.  He’s actually done a very similar surgery recently to a thirteen year old boy.


2 thoughts on “Excitement is in the Air

  1. I have often wondered what happened to her after the attack. My sister-in-law was one of the nurses at Spectrum’s PICU when Charlotte was first hospitalized after the attack and told me that Charlotte had been discharged and was expected to do pretty well. So glad to hear the updates. We will all be praying for Charlotte in the weeks to come. What a brave little girl and what an amazing family!

    • Laura, thank you for sharing this. Your sister and the other medical professionals at Spectrum are miracle workers. We are so thankful for their help in ensuring that Charlotte made it through those dangerous months, and for the work they do on a day to day basis with other needy children. It is amazing how many people who have been touched by Charlotte!

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