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So Many Well Wishes

Charlotte received so many cards and letters that we bought a special box just to keep them in.  Charlotte decorated it today with her niece Rory and cousin Jazmin.  She received an adorable set of drawings from a little boy and girl from Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan.



Charlotte received this beautiful handmade card from Carol in Wyoming. It was the first to go in her new card box!


Creating a card box

Creating a card box

Charlotte decorates her new box to take her cards & letters to the hospital with her. Her cousin Jazmin (left) and niece Rory (right) are helping her put the stickers on it.

Spaghetti Success

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The spaghetti dinner fundraiser last night was HUGELY successful, and we have been blessed to receive a sum in excess of $8000 from the fundraiser and through contributions received online and in the mail.    We also received a number of cards and letters of encouragement!

There are very many people and local businesses to thank specifically — and we plan to thank them individually through the local paper next week and on this blog within a day or two.

In the midst of all of the excitement, no one in the Ponce family had a chance to take photos at the event!  If we can track some down, we’ll be sure to add them here.

Thank you to WOOD-TV8, for sending cameraman Pete to cover the event, and for sharing the success of the night’s fundraiser on the news last night.

And, to the following news outlets for featuring Charlotte’s story:

We are going to keep the fundraising open for those who would like to give.  In addition to travel expenses for Charlotte’s upcoming procedures, we will find a child psychologist to provide Charlotte with counseling during the restoration process and beyond, if needed.  If you have any suggestions in the Muskegon/ Grand Haven area, please email

Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness, support and generosity.

Some Photos of Charlotte

Here are some of the photos of Charlotte from throughout the years.  More to come.

Hope to see you at the benefit fundraiser tomorrow:

Baby Charlotte

Baby Charlotte, before the attack. The only good ‘before’ photo we have of her.

Charlotte is approximately a year old in this photo. All healed from the injuries.

Charlotte after her first surgery in March 2005.

Charlotte, after her first surgery in March 2005.

Charlotte, with implants in her face that stretched her skin to use in grafts to remove scar tissue. She is almost 3 years old in this photo.

Charlotte, after surgeries to stretch her skin and remove some of the scar tissue on her face.

Charlotte, with her family. Father, Tim; Mother, Sharon; and Brother, Marshall.

Young Charlotte enjoys the carnival with her brother, Marshall.
The day has bittersweet memories, as they stopped a ride was on because a young child was terrified of Charlotte’s appearance.

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WOOD TV8 Interview

Today, WOOD TV8 interviewed Charlotte and her family to talk about her past, upcoming surgery, and the benefit we’re hosting on Friday.  Crystal Hilliard, the interviewer, and Larry, the cameraman, were so very warm and friendly that they were quickly able to make shy Charlotte at ease.


We were excited about the story, which was featured on the 5 O’Clock news segment, but completely floored when we went to the WOOD TV8 website and saw Charlotte’s smiling face on the home page!


You can watch the piece on Charlotte on the WOOD TV8 website.

Thank you, to all those who watched the segment and have written, posted, or donated to show your support.  We hope to meet many of you on Friday at the Benefit:

Get To Know Charlotte

We hope you’ll enjoy this short video interview with Charlotte, filmed last week in her back yard.  She talks about her interests, pets, and excitement over her upcoming surgery.

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